Berkat Madinah – Malaysia’s Popular Sunnah Food Store

Anyone who steps into the Berkat Madinah Food Store in Ampang would immediately notice its uplifting atmosphere. It gives you the feeling of being at a grocery store n Madinah or Makkah where one’s eyes and senses get awakened by the wonderful and colorful sights of the foods – bottles of top quality honey, mouth watering Arab pastries, fresh fruits, meats and of course a good selection of sunnah foods such as dates, figs, olive oil, pomegranates, khal/vinegar and black seeds.

In this video, we get to listen to Berkat Madinah’s management, Dr Hamdi Ibrahim Abozeed (who is the son of Berkat Madinah’s owner) and his brother Ali Ibrahim Abozeed, speak about their store and their passion in promoting sunnah food.

This interview was held as part of the promotion for Sunnah Food Campaign Video Competition (SFCVC) which is open for registration from 18 March 2016 for both Muslims and Non-Muslims.

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