Pomegranate Concentrate Syrup(250ml) Piece

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Pomegranate Concentrate Syrup Health Benefits:
•     Reduce blood pressure and slow down LDL (bad cholesterol) cholesterol oxidation.
•     Reduce the risk of having a heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. Studies show that pomegranate juice daily may help support the normal blood flow to the heart.
•     keeping the blood platelets from clumping to form unwanted clots.
•    It may prevent prostate cancer or slow its growth.
•    Research shows that pomegranate juice helps prevent and destroy breast cancer cells without causing danger to healthy cells.
•    It may help preventing and slowing the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.
•    It could help to prevent cartilage deterioration which can result in Osteoarthritis.

 Recommended consummation

One glass of cold water add two table spoons of Pomegranate concentrate, mix well and drink. Adding sugar or honey is optional.